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New York's Withlovexavier Is the Artist to Look out for in 2017

Contributing writer Cynthia Sanchez recently caught up with New York's R&B artist rising to stardom—WithLoveXavier. Let us know your thoughts on @beautyisacyn.

If you are interested in a variety of music styles ranging from Hip Hop & Rap, to R&B & Soul—WithLoveXavier is the artist for you. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and living there to this day—Matthew Xavier Hunter is the artist to look out for in 2017, and one you may all know by his stage-name WithLoveXavier. Gaining popularity from Soundcloud and social media; this 23-year-old certainly has a high level of hunger and motivation to make it big in the music industry. WithLoveXavier has done it all on his own—from singing, to songwriting, and producing. In March, he hit 2 million streams on Sound cloud without being signed, or co-signed to a label. With hard work and determination Matthew is on the rise to stardom. According to Hip Hop DX, “[WithLoveXavier] has [sold] 300 items [in merchandise], netting 1,500 dollars in sales.”

WithLoveXavier is certainly establishing himself as the next hot thing in the music scene. His mixtape WITHLOVEXAVIER features thirteen tracks ranging from topics, such as love, life, and experiences on growing up in New York. Matthew released his first music video OFFICIAL in October, 2016. The seductive video displays WithLoveXavier’s at the center of it all, delivering his vocals blindfolded in the passenger seat of a car, in front of a car, as well as a parking garage. He glides around to the beat as attractive women are shown throughout. Don’t forget about the view of expensive cars, women, wealth, and steamy lounge scenes—conveying youth culture.

Check out the music video below.

1. When and how did you first become interested in music?

“I've been interested in music since elementary school, my parents put me in any music program that was available in school up until college. It wasn't until I stopped playing basketball in college [that] I decided music was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.”

2. How has growing up in Brooklyn, NY inspired your music?

“Growing up in Brooklyn and listening to Brooklyn artist like Biggie Smalls, Fabolous, and Jay-Z inspired me to become a perfectionist—not only music but in life. It motivates me everyday to be the best I can be.”

3. How did you start your music career and what inspired you to call yourself WithLoveXavier?

“I started out doing music in my [apartment] with a cheap mic and music program, going on YouTube learning how to make my vocals sound better, and how to mix and master a track. I released a couple [of] tracks on SoundCloud and my friends loved them, so I figured why not pursue it. My mother came up with my stage name, I originally called myself Matt Hoodie, then Xavier, one day my mom told me to do my music "With Love" so it just stuck.”

4. You are bound to release new music very soon. How would you describe your sound to new fans?

“My sound is very unpredictable; I release music at a certain time depending on my mood. I never want to be put into one genre. I grew up listening to multiple sounds, that’s how I want to be known, an artist for everyone.”

5. What has been a stand out moment in your journey thus far?

“[The] most standout moment has to be the love and support from fans; it's a feeling that I can't really describe—some random person telling you that your music changed their life in a positive way? Greatest feeling in the world.”

6. Who are your musical and style inspirations? Why?

“[My] musical and style inspiration at the moment is The Weeknd; I feel like his level of style and music diversity is unmatched, and I strive to be the next generation of that. I’m also inspired by Steve Jobs, Kanye West, Drake, and Justin Bieber.”

7. Creators are bound to experience interesting encounters with their fans at some point in their journey. Tell us about a couple of memorable moments you have encountered with your fans.

“Going to Rhode Island to perform and meeting my first die hard fan; just seeing the person who supported me since day one and having [them] in the building when I performed meant a lot. I'm truly grateful for everyone who supports me heavy and I will do my best to meet everyone that played a part in my journey from the beginning.”

8. We seen your photo with 300 in the background, are you planning to sign with 300 or any labels in the future?

“We're in talks with a lot of labels at the moment—300ent is a company that shows me a lot of love and I'm very thankful for a lot of people who work for that company. When the time and opportunity is right, I will definitely look forward to working with a label.”

9. How were your experiences performing at your first festival stage, power 105.1, playing basketball with Floyd Mayweather, and so on?

“The first festival stage was so much fun; I would definitely do a festival stage any day over a club. Power 105.1 always shows me love, whether it be the DJ’s playing my song on the radio, or having me up just to kick it. Playing basketball with Floyd Mayweather is my all time favorite moment in my life. I'm a die hard fan, so meeting him and actually getting to know him till this day is unreal.”

10. What is one message you want to send your fans?

“Don't let anyone every tell you what you can't do, anything is achievable if you put your heart and mind to it.”

11. What advice would you give to creative artists trying to get into the music industry?

“You will fail a lot, [but] never let it get to you to the point where the love of making music stops. There’s always a struggle before success.”

12. What is the importance of the connections you make? How can you utilize them?

“Connections [are] everything from family to friends; everyone can help you get to where you are in life. I don't rely on people often, but if someone has a strong suit it’s never bad to ask for help.”

13. What plans/goals do you have for your future? Let's speak them into existence.

“I have so many great plans that are in the works from my clothing line, new songs, making my own foundation for depression and suicide awareness, collaborations with major artists, music videos, the list can go on forever!”

14. Do you have a favorite song of yours that you've done? If so, which song and why is it your favorite?

“Take My Hand is a song that I'm very close to, it relates to a special person in my life and how we came to be together.”

15. Are you working on anything new right now? What is next to come for WithLoveXavier?

“My single with Spanish artist GloLaLuz is coming real soon—It’s called Let Me Know, and its going to be a problem in the clubs so be on the look out for that!”


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