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DAMN. Kendrick Lamar and Rihanna Prove Their Loyalty in New Music Video

Kendrick Lamar just released his new video for LOYALTY., which was directed by Dave Meyers and The Little Homies. The music video features Kendrick and Rihanna portraying themselves as lovers.

LOYALTY. is the fourth track off Kendrick’s Double-Platinum album DAMN.

The video begins with Kendrick sitting on a throne in a room with red lights, surrounded by women in black lingerie—can you say seductive? Let’s not forget how the 30-year-old rapper is blindfolded.

The next scene shows Kendrick in a black and white ensemble as he raps his verse surrounded by tons of men in masks. The men begin to sink into quick sand as they get closer to the ELEMENT. rapper.

Next, Rihanna comes in for her verse in a revealing white jumpsuit and furry coat. She walks up to a car window and appears to spit gum at a male in the car—let’s just say this pissed Kendrick off.

The male figure appears to be physically larger than Kendrick; however, K-Dot comes to Rihanna’s rescue and beats him up. We noticed the pair dressed in white during this scene, and later dressed in black.

In the middle of the music video, DAMN.’s PRIDE. intro plays:

“Love’s gonna get you killed / But pride’s gonna be the death of you and you and me / And you and you and you and me.”

The next few shots show the duo getting very intimate with one another as they sink into quick sand. The Barbadian beauty even falls off of the ledge of a building. Again, Kendrick comes to Rihanna’s rescue and holds onto her to prevent her from falling.

At one point, a white-suited Kendrick confronts a black-suited version of himself. The evil version leaves another woman to suffocate him as he calmly watches.

PLOT TWIST! We definitely didn’t see this coming and we bet you didn’t either. The Wild Thoughts singer gets into a terrible car crash with the DAMN rapper; but hey, at least they laughed it off.

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