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Evan the Twerkgod Is the Detroit Rapper up Next in the Rap Game

Photo credit: @sxrreal

Evan the Twerkgod has gone through some insane growth this year, becoming one of the most talked about artist in Detroit, MI.

Evan began his journey as a strip club photographer in Pontiac, MI—later developing himself as a rapper with intentions on making it big in the music industry.

Twerkgod has been the highlight of numerous shows, which isn’t surprising to hear once you discover how energetic he is. In just over a year, Evan has performed with artists, such as Lil Uzi Vert, Playboi Carti, Rich the Kid, and many more.

As stated by Evan's representatives, "Evan’s song Lean Cuisine (30,000 Soundcloud plays) is circulating on local radio FM 98 WJLB"


Notable Performances: Evan the Twerkgod

January 17, 2015 – DIPLO – LANSING CENTER June 4, 2016 – LIL YACHTY – THE CROFOOT July 9, 2016 – LIL UZI VERT -THE CROFOOT September 9, 2016 – CURREN$Y – THE GARDEN THEATER October 22, 2016 – NIGHT LOVELL – D4 NIGHTCLUB November 25, 2016 – ROBB BANKS – ARTISTS VILLAGE December 4, 2016 – RETCH – CLUB BLEU January 26, 2017 – RICH THE KID -THE CROFOOT March 27, 2017 – THEY – THE SHELTER June 16, 2017 – OG MACO – THE BULLFROG July 13, 2017 – KAP G – CLUB REIGN July 22, 2017 – UGLY GOD – MODERN SKATE & SURF August 25, 2017 – LIL DEBBIE – TBD

Photo credit: @ukcameragod

1. Where are you from? Has that influenced your music?

I was born in Detroit, MI. I spent most of my time there growing up until the age of 9. I later moved with my father to Albany, GA and we spent a year there; shortly after that I moved to Texas where I stayed for about 4 years. I can say that I have encountered a lot of growth during that time period. However, I later moved back to Michigan and attended high school in Northville, MI.

2. When did you start rapping?

I began rapping around 11-years-old, but was very terrible at it; however, I can say I was always working on getting better. I later got serious about rapping, but nothing really popped off until about 2 years ago where the brand we were creating started to really take off.

3. How did you start your music career and what inspired you to call yourself Evan the Twerkgod?

I really started it with the passion to be a rapper. Twerkgod was a project I was working on as a photographer taking photos of strippers, and all of it seemed to click. Yeroc Obama actually put me on a flier as Evan The Twerkgod, because I was going as Evan Flow, but life has a funny way of showing you who you are meant to be.

4. How did the Piranha Gang begin? Who is involved?

It began through drunk freestyle's on Heizenburr's birthday and a want to build something we can call our own. That's basically how it started. My closest friends, colleagues, and many of our new supporters are joining Piranha Gang—it's continuously growing. Who's involved? Too many members to single people out.

Photo credit: @ukcameragod

5. What artists would you want to work with in the future?

I actually don't know, because when I make music we have to have a connection. Some of my favorite artist may not have the same vibe as I do in a studio session. Just know when I do make music with people it was the right place and right time.

6. As a growing and upcoming rapper, how would you describe your sound to new fans?

Honestly, music I make is in the moment. I made a 4 song EP with Hotel Seprino in the summer for the love of new pets I was getting, plants, and summer vibes. I was trapped in a feel and he felt the same way. Thats why we named that project Beach Trap 17, but new fans can listen and just imagine what I was going through—the songs were very blatant.

7. Tell me about a couple of stand out moments in your journey thus far?

I would say my standout moments relate to gaining fans that actually listen to my music, and doing shows where people are actually there for me. It's all a blessing!

8. Who are your musical and style inspirations? Why?

Inspired musically.....I don't know. They say I sound like a lot of people, but I never thought about it. I like music but my inspiration really comes from other aspects of life and film. I definitely get my style from movies and rocks stars, such as Billy Idol, and Ryan Gosling's character in Place Beyond the Pines—you know real Rock 'n' Roll.

9. Creators are bound to experience interesting encounters with their fans at some point in their journey. Tell us about a memorable moment you have encountered with your fans.

Surprisingly, I'm still amazed by "can I get a picture?"

Photo credit: @justinofadns

10. Do you have a favorite track of yours that you've done? If so, which track and why is it your favorite?

Favorite track I have done? Tough One! I would say Lean Cuisine, because of the way it was made and where I was in my life. It's a very old track that is now being played, so it means something to me. I don't really know, in future interviews that could be a completely different answer.

11. What is next to come for Evan the TwerkGod? Where do you see yourself a year from now?

I can't tell you my plans at all. You just have to keep following me.

12. You previously opened up for Rich the Kid, Playboi Carti, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Yachty, OG Maco, Kap-G, Pouya, and Ugly God. You opened up for four artists of the 2017 XXL Freshman class, do you believe you will be a part of the 2018 XXL Freshman class?

I would hope so. I come from a life where freestyling is really defining yourself, so I would destroy that shit. I would just do it for the glory!

13. When did you realize you were gaining more attention as an artist? What do you think led to that?

I gained more attention when I gave more attention. I love talking to fans and reaching out to new fans as well.

14. Everyone has those moments when they feel like giving up—with that said, what inspires and motivates you to keep going?

My friends would probably kill me if I stopped rapping, because while we have been working I have definitely given them so much shit. It just wouldn't make sense to give up.

15. What message would you like to send your fans?

Twerkgod loves you. You are everything to me. I am now, but you are the future.


Listen to Evan the Twerkgod's Too Blessed album below!

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