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Interview with AYTO's Gianna Hammer

Gianna Hammer is a 21-year-old Ohio raised beauty who was casted to be on season 5 of MTV's Are You the One.

During season 5 of MTV's Are You the One, many cast members were against Gianna and Hayden interacting with one another in regard to dating after being a confirmed "no match". Although Gianna did not initially want to be with Hayden, she came to realize he was what she wanted and needed. Gi was not going to let anyone or anything stop her from being with the man she wanted and certainly won his heart over. As the season continued, other couples were sent into the truth booth to discover they were also a confirmed "no match". That did not stop other couples from interacting with one another and continuing their relationships, which is hilarious to think about because they did not want Gianna and Hayden to do so.

Season 5 was the first season to lose the game and leave paradise without any money. Gianna and Ozzy were confirmed perfect matches while her current boyfriend Hayden matched with Carolina. Gianna and Hayden did not let the house stop them from creating a bond which allowed their relationship to flourish during and after the show. Without a doubt, these two are crazy in love and certainly on cloud nine.

Gianna grew up as a tomboy—getting dirty and exploring the outdoors. At the age of 18-years-old she drove across the country and moved to LA all on her own to pursue a career as an actress. Gianna has always been a rebellious and independent girl. One thing we can all say we love about her is that she is unapologetically herself, something we should all follow. It took Gianna a while to get to that point, but she has grown to love the person she has become no matter what challenges come her way.

1. What made you want to apply to AYTO? How did your family/friends react toward you going on AYTO?

I wanted to apply to AYTO because I was a huge fan of the show. [I] had been single for 2 years after 2 [terrible] back-to-back two year relationships. I was doing the online dating scene in Los Angeles. When I finally turned 21 I decided to apply to [AYTO] to take a new and different route in my dating life. My family and friends were super stoked for me especially considering I watched the show a lot with them all!

2. What did you feel about constantly having cameras in your face? Did you feel like you had to be put together at all times?

It wasn't all that crazy to have cameras in my face. Before the show I lived in LA [to] pursue acting, so I was always use to being in front of [the camera]. But, it was different knowing there wasn't a set script to follow so I was really nervous about behaving on the show.

3. If you could experience AYTO all over again, would you change anything?

If I could experience AYTO again I'd remind myself that no one can force you to do anything that you're heart isn't telling you to do. My only regret is not speaking up for my heart and letting others decide my actions for me.

4. How did you feel about seeing Hayden and Carolina together in the house? Did you really think you would be able to get Hayden back?

It was really hard to see Hayden and Carolina in the house together but I didn't want to be the most "hated" in the house by keeping him all to myself after the "no match" screen. I had to push him away and it may have looked like I wasn't having a hard time doing so, but no one sees behind the scenes how it effects you. Watching them started a big domino effect for me and if I could do it again I would have stood up for what my heart said instead of going along for the show's sake. So all in all, I think my fear of how I'd be portrayed back fired badly for me, and ended up being a fuel to portray me badly if that makes sense.

Did I know I was going to get Hayden back? Yes of course! It made me look crazy but having him leave to the honey moon suite kind of woke up a fire in me where I took a look at how far me and him had come and parts that I'd taken for granted. I 100% knew the authenticity of our relationship vs the one he had with Carolina, so there wasn't ever any doubt in my mind that we'd be able to start where we left off after the show.

5. What was your favorite moment on the show that did not air?

My favorite parts of the show that weren't aired [were] all the fun and cute moments between Hayden and I. Since we were deemed a no match so early, they never really showed any of the moments that made our friendship so strong and moments like those were what deepened our relationship and got us to the point we're at today! We were always super goofy and would go around the house catching lizards and scaring everyone with them; everyone thought we were nuts but we thought it was so much fun.

6. What did you learn about yourself or gain from this experience?

I learned a lot about myself that I would never trade for the world. I grew a lot from the experience as a whole and really got a big reality check. Never take someone or something for granted because second chances aren't guaranteed. Always trust your instincts and stop second guessing your heart. Love and lust are two completely different feelings. Don't put others feelings above your own, because if you don't look out for your own feelings first, no one else will. And most of all I learned a bunch of questions on a piece of paper can't determine your soulmate.

7. What were the best and worst parts about being in the house?

Best part of being in the house: All you can eat food.

Worst part of being in the house: It's a huge slumber party every night so don't count on getting any reasonable amount of sleep ever.

8. Where do you hope to be in life 5 years from now?

5 years from now, I hope to have had a career made for myself, married, and maybe a kid or two.

9. How is the relationship between you and Hayden today? What plans do you both have for your future together?

Hayden and I have an amazing relationship today. I've never felt more secure and sure of my life than I have with him. As cheesy as it sounds I just can't help constantly talking about it because I just feel beyond blessed to have someone like him in my life. There have been times where I've felt I in no way deserve to have someone like him, but every day he proves me wrong and I really can't be anymore grateful for that.

10. What advice would you give to someone who wants to be on AYTO?

My advice for anyone who'd want to be on AYTO:

1. Don't be afraid to be vulnerable.

2. Figure out what's genuine and what's not early on.

3. Don't change yourself for anyone just because a screen tells you to do so.

If AYTO had a higher percentage of successful perfect match couples maybe I'd feel a different way, but "science" isn't prevailing over statistics here.. remember that! Every season that's won used strategy after a shit ton of broken hearts. Don't fool yourself. I definitely do hope they put more effort in determining matches so that they can prove the statistics wrong, but until then, I'm just trying to help lol

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