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14 Teenagers Respond to How They Feel About Dating in This Generation

Today's generation of teenagers seem to struggle with dating more and more as the years go on. Contributing writer, Cynthia Sanchez, decided to ask a couple of males and females how they feel about dating in this day and age. Back in the days, it was common for males to ask a females parents if he could take her out on a date. She would get picked up at the front door and taken out on an actual date, but this is something you rarely see anymore. Nowadays, people use the term "Netflix and chill" to get together as a late night booty call. Technology and social media have influenced dating to a great extent, with text messaging being one of the most common forms to communicate. Back in the days, letters or face-to-face communication were used to get in contact with a person; but, let's please talk about how people always put up a front to act as if they do not care about a person or situation. Basically, dating has changed one way or another as people care less to get to know a person and more about a hook up.


1. Anthony, 19: "There is no such thing as dating. It's a fuck around kind of thing this generation does and when you really are looking for love it's hard. Everyone plays games. Eventually, you'll find the one. Just not now. Enjoy life."

2. Anonymous, 21: "Honestly, dating in this generation is a joke. No one is taken serious nowadays. It should definitely be more old school and taken more serious."

3. Chris, 18: "Honestly, I just feel dating in this generation is impossible. Guys and girls are raised by rap music which gives them the placebo that calling girls "hoes and bitches" is ok. Girls let several guys treat them this way, as a matter of fact it seems like the worse you treat a female in today's society, the better your chances are of getting her. Social media makes it impossible for anyone to stay loyal, and fills both partners' minds with false hope. Such perfect models are at easy access on social media, sometimes setting unrealistic standards for a next boyfriend/girlfriend. I'd avoid dating for as long as possible, you don't need someone else to make you happy."

4. William, 19: "I think dating in this generation is harder because kids these days just date for the sake of dating."

5. Anonymous, 20: "Just hit it and quit it, all I gotta say."

6. Stephanie, 19: "I wish dating was more like it was in the old days. Guys had more manners and were more respectful. Nowadays, it seems like there are many guys that are just texting/seeing many girls at once to see what they can get."

7. Katherine, 20: "Wish it was more old school because it was more romantic."

8. Anonymous, 19: "I just feel like you never get out the talking stage. People get too comfortable in the talking stage because they are [gaining] all of the benefits of being in a relationship without actually being in one."

9. Elaine, 20: "I think relationships in this generation move way too quick. Love should be two people getting to know each other while learning from one another. Nowadays relationships are not the same, they go by what they see on social media or are in competition with other teenagers."

10. Anonymous, 19: "Dating hasn't changed much, we just have technology now."

11. Anonymous, 21: "Dating in this generation is a joke."

12. Anonymous, 19: "It all comes down to communication. That is one huge thing that will make or break it".

13. Tammy, 20: "I feel like dating for this generation is more about how it looks on social media accounts, such as Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter than actual dating. People care way too much about whether their relationships looks "good" online instead of making sure their relationship is "good" in real life. I wish this generation would be more old school and not so obsessed with social media."

14. Adriana, 19: "In this generation I think men are too scared to commit to a relationship. They treat women like copper instead of gold. Girls are more provocative, competitive, and pressured to conform to ridiculous standards. Everyone is feeding off this unrealistic idea that dating is a waste and time and energy."

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