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Bautista Moves to Miami to Follow Her Dream as Artist and Entrepreneur

Dreina Bautista, 21, is working on building her career as an artist and entrepreneur in Miami. She has been working with numerous artists in hopes of impacting the art industry.

When Dreina Bautista was 19-years old, she moved to New York City to attend LIM College where she would focus on the business of fashion as a fashion marketing major. However, after noticing the impacts of social media and technology on art, she realized she wanted to help the art industry.

Bautista began to isolate herself from her family and closest friends as she began feeling depressed.

At this moment, she realized her life wasn’t complete without art.

Bautista, 21, transferred out of LIM in New York to follow her dreams as an artist and entrepreneur in Miami, Florida.

“I was very depressed while attending school in New York. I was extremely overwhelmed and going through a lot of personal things in my life. I wasn’t making myself, school, or work a priority,” Bautista said.

Since leaving LIM in May 2017, Bautista created a multimedia company called Nite X. She created the company with the goal of delivering art to the public through a variety of experiences.

During the summer, Bautista focused on sharing conceptual experiences. She published monthly art concepts regarding an idea or topic that would later be explored in a photo-shoot. Bautista continued by adding a descriptive article and curated playlist for a viewer to experience.

While attending Florida International University as a digital communications and media major, Bautista met many artists, photographers, and filmmakers who wanted to work with her.

“Despite her busy life, Bautista is always willing to help out with ideas for content,” said Jennifer Nadal, 20, one of Bautista’s graphic design friends. “She never fails to put others before herself, regardless of deadlines regarding her own work.”

Nadal is one of the first friends Bautista made in Miami who was interested in photography and graphic design.

After working on numerous projects together, Nadal was offered the opportunity to re-brand Studio 60 Nightclub in Miami.

“Dreina motivated me to think outside of the box. She constantly pushed me to take on projects I was afraid of taking on. If it weren’t for her, I don’t know if I would have pushed myself to re-brand the nightclub,” Nadal said.

During the summer of 2018, Bautista began a film series, as well as added two photographers onto her team for Nite X.

Currently, Bautista’s equipment costs between $1,500 and $2,500 which includes things, such as her camera, MacBook, Adobe applications and more.

This year, Bautista added Nite X Records, a music label, to her multimedia company where she represents the artist, Gene, based in Trenton, NJ.

“Dreina is my manager and mentor. She helps me in the process of things, such as when to release a song, marketing, as well as represent the way I am seen by the public,“ Gene said.

The label aims to expose people to different forms of art, as well as experience what music really is compared to the painted image of it.

In addition to Nite X, Bautista would like to create her own music, music videos, and films. As an entrepreneur, she would also like to own her own nightclub, festival and more.

Bautista constantly advises the public to study hard about the ins and outs of the industry. She is a believer of time doing its job as long as one works hard as she has done throughout all of her hardworking years.

The purpose of Bautista’s move from New York to Miami was based off of the fact that she wanted to attend a school where she could study the arts, as well as focus on herself and her artwork.

“My goal is to impact the art industry. I want to teach people that art is an experience and delivers a message whether it’s through music or visuals,” said Bautista.

***NOTE: This feature story was written for my class, Writing for Public Relations. With that said, some of the information in the article is not true.


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