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12 of the Most Attractive Qualities Revealed

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Dating in the 21st century is not the most pleasant because people don't like to show any emotion or treat each other like a normal human being should be treated. It seems as if everyone only wants to focus on themselves and not commit to anyone. However, everyone has a list of qualities they find pleasing to them, whether they are physical or internal. We decided to ask people to anonymously reveal what the most attractive quality was to them and why they found that particular quality attractive.


  1. Someone’s smile is definitely the most attractive quality to me, because it says more about a person than what it physically looks like.

  2. I would have to say a person’s smile, because it’s something you see all the time. If you hate someone’s smile, you’ll never really be attracted to them and perhaps not feel comfortable.

  3. The most attractive quality to me would be someone that can make me laugh. After a long day at school or being stressed, I’d love for someone to make me happy by laughing and not worrying about the little things.

  4. Being empathetic. Looks are great and all, but if the person can’t be there for me, be patient when I’m genuinely sad/having a tough time, or going through depression—I’ll lose interest. Being able to take the time to understand what I could possibly be going through even if they haven’t gone through it themselves shows their true character.

  5. Humor is such an attractive quality to me, because I enjoy laughing all of the time. I love people that are naturally funny and don’t forcefully attempt to be.

  6. The most attractive quality to me would have to be how genuine a person is, because it shows that someone is willing to be vulnerable with you.

  7. The most attractive quality to me is a nice smile, as well as, being a social butterfly. When you see a nice smile it's hard to not smile back. In regards to being a social butterfly, it’s easy for others to talk to you and vice versa. It’s a good thing if you’re in a place where you don’t know anyone.

  8. I find honesty to be the most attractive quality a person should have. Honesty shows respect. I hate when people lie to my face; I find it unnecessary, especially when I know that I am an understanding and strong woman. I value the truth. I believe honesty is important in any relationship or friendship, because it shows that they are trustworthy.

  9. Understanding is the most attractive quality to me. It wasn't until now that I am realizing that when someone tries to understand things (themselves, you, your relationship, your errors, etc.) it makes being a team with them so much more easier. The longer you’re in a relationship with someone the more room there is for messed up stuff to occur, but when you can come to an understanding about a situation, it’s easier to come to a better solution.

  10. A hardworking woman who is very passionate about what she is doing within her life is certainly attractive to me. When it comes to physical attractive qualities, as long as she takes care of herself and doesn't do any damage, knows what she’s doing to achieve her goals, and doesn't lose focus on her priorities—she is a star in my eyes.

  11. Consideration, because it shows that the other person cares about how their partner feels and validates those feelings.

  12. Someone who is involved in the arts or has an understanding of the arts, because it’s my field of work. If they don’t understand or want to be a part of it, they’re not for me.


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