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28 People Reveal The Greatest Lessons They've Learned in 2018

Credit: OYM Network

Another year is coming to an end and everyone seems to be reminiscing on past events that have taken place in 2018.

Despite all of the ups and downs you have experienced this year, whether they are your successes and/or failures; give yourself a pat on the back for getting through a long and stressful year.

We decided to ask people to anonymously reveal the greatest lessons they've learned in 2018.


"No matter how hard you try to keep people in your life; if they aren't meant to stay, they won't."

"It takes way too much energy to be someone you're not."

"Be kind. You don't lose anything with being kind to others."

"Vulnerability isn't a weakness, it actually shows how strong you are."

"Fuck boys, get money."

"Fuck hoes, get money."

"It takes 2 people to make a friendship last. Don't put all of your energy into making something work."

"Not everyone that you know wants the best for you."

"Fuck boys can disguise themselves as good guys, so let them feed you. Instead of getting played, get well fed."

"We're working on ourselves slowly. Patience is a virtue. I can fuck up right now and tomorrow as well, but I'm slowly working towards bettering myself. I don't have to beat myself up so harshly."

"Work on yourself, people will notice anyways."

"Communicate what you want clearly."

"If someone really wants to be with you, they will put all of their effort and energy into doing so."

"Always move forward, never look back."

"Not everyone is out for your best interests. Be discerning about who you put your trust in."

"Men ain't shit."

"Don't stress too much about the future. Be patient and go step by step."

"Don't stress about the little things in life. Time flies and things change, so don't stress."

"Get an epidural."

"The most important thing is to care and love yourself, everything else comes second."

"Time definetely heals all wounds."

"No matter how much you love someone, you can't make them love you."

"I can't allow anyone to make me feel like I haven't done enough when I know I have done more than enough."

"Stop being so hard on myself."

"Don't be afraid to call someone out, as well as have the confidence in myself to know I can do better."

"You will never be enough for anyone else if you aren't enough for yourself first."

"Life will always have unexpected turns, accept it and roll with the punches."

"If you stay persistent, work hard, and stay driven; nothing can stop you. You can and will accomplish anything."

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