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Where Are They Now? Interview with MTV’s The Real World: Bad Blood’s Jennifer Geoghan

Contributing writer, Cynthia Sanchez, recently caught up with Jennifer Geoghan who is a 26-year-old casted to be on season 32 of the Real World Seattle: Bad Blood

Jennifer is currently living in Hoboken, New Jersey with one roommate and her adorable kitten Henry that she is obsessed with. She is a hairstylist in a salon in uptown Hoboken called Sole Salon. Jenn works a lot, but loves to spend time with her friends whenever she is not working—there is always something going on in the town and bars.

Jennifer’s bubbly personality and social persona led her to make a great group of friends on her season of the Real World. However, she does struggle with anxiety and continues to battle it everyday. Jenn does not let her anxiety stop her from going after what she wants in life, which is why she decided to go through with being on a reality TV show.

If one thing could define Jennifer in a sentence she said it would probably be, “I love being positive about life and I'm constantly looking to bring on new adventures!”

Check out the trailer below:


Interview with Jennifer Geoghan

1. You were previously on the Real World Seattle: Bad Blood Season 32, what would you say you liked and disliked about the experience?

"I loved the fact I was able to step out of my comfort zone and put myself in the spotlight for a little, along with making amazing new friends from all over. Best part has to be the fans that reach out to me still saying I am a role model to them and help them stay strong in life. I love that I am able to tell my story and help others along the way. Dislikes have to be the fact I let myself get in a toxic relationship on the show, and even though I get positive messages on social media I also get negative. I allowed myself to get caught up in something that shed a negative light on me at some points in the show, and it's not how I wanted to be portrayed. Still to this day I get associated with my ex, and I want to make a name for myself and myself only now...hoping I get another shot in the future."

2. What made you want to apply to the Real World? How did your family and friends react?

"I actually didn't apply this time! I was contacted because Rob listed me as an ex-girlfriend...they asked me to Skype to talk about him because they were looking to cast him, and at the end of the interview they told me they really like me and would love if I applied for another reality show they were casting for (Road Rules) so I started my casting process for that the next day."

3. How did you deal with living in a house with 13 other people? What were the best and worst parts about being in the house?

"Honestly, what I hated the most was I was NEVER able to fall asleep at a normal time. I'm a grandma and I cherish my sleep! I'd be lucky if I fell asleep before 5am. There were no doors in the bedroom so no matter what if people were still up you can hear everything...and when I am trying to sleep and there is noise I can't fall asleep haha. Sharing the bathroom was rough as well. But it was nice to have so many people to hang out with if there was nothing to do and when we went out it was always so fun in a big group. We were one big dysfunctional family!"

4. Do you still keep in touch with any of your roommates?

"I do! Well some. I talk to Lana regularly, I even went to visit her in Michigan this summer...I know she'll 100% be a friend for life. I talk to everyone else on social media a lot which is nice. And I run into Rob all the time because we both hang in the same places. It's always nice running into him considering we don't have any more bad blood...haha see what I did there? :)"

5. Tell us about a moment on the show that did not air, or a memorable moment of your own.

"Even though I'm still so embarrassed how my relationship was portrayed on TV and it was pretty bad...they did cut out A LOT to make it look way worse than it was. They never showed the happy times, only the TWO arguments we had....that happened literally at the end of filming when we were just over it and wanted to get out of that house. It is sad to know that Peter is as crazy as he looks on TV...but they really wanted him to look like shit and it worked. In the finale, they show him storming out after I wouldn't leave with him...but what they don't show is we DO say goodbye to each other and talk about how we will make it work when I got home from Seattle in 3 days. We talked constantly the last 3 days of filming but they don't show any of it. I mean at this point I don't care anymore since we aren't together...but it's crazy how they can leave one little thing out and it can make a situation look 10x worse than it actually was."

6. You are from Hoboken, New Jersey, making you a neighbor of mine (New York City). How did you like being in Seattle, Washington? If you could choose any place, where would you have hoped your season could be filmed in?

"Hey neighbor! :) I actually loved Seattle and can't wait to go back. There's so many places I didn't get to experience that I want to go back and visit. My favorite thing was how amazing the LGBT community is really made me feel like I can be comfortable in my own skin wherever I went. Everyone was always so welcoming. I definitely wish we filmed somewhere on an Island though, I never get to take vacations so I would have loved somewhere where there was a beach and pool to relax at all the times I was bored out of my mind!"

7. Over the course of the season, there were several intense arguments between yourself and Peter. Many fans of the reality TV show seem to be curious about the moment you realized the relationship needed to come to an end?

"Oh I realized it was toxic when we were still in that house, but one of my downfalls in my personality is I love to give people chances until they hurt me so bad that they destroy me. I fell hard for Peter and tried being with him as long as I could because I loved him regardless of his flaws. 10 months later I just mentally couldn't handle being in a relationship with him anymore. I lost myself being with him, and I learned my lesson...I just wish people understood I was blinded and I finally woke up. I needed to figure it out for myself, not through fans who weren't there with us everyday in life."

8. Do you believe you were portrayed on TV how you thought you would be, or differently?

"For starters, I'm still LIVID that they made me look like a cheater. Peter was the first cast member I met when we started filming...he asked me if I was single and the first thing I said was I'm single but met someone right before leaving so we are going to see how it is once I'm back home. So the fact that they edit me saying Travis was my boyfriend actually hurt me. But I mean it's television right? I signed up for it. But Travis was NEVER my boyfriend. What I did was wrong and he didn't deserve that, but I'm not a cheater."

9. Do you have any regrets since being on the show?

"One and only with Peter right away. It seemed exciting at first but 2 months in shit was just crazy and I wish I lived separately from him after filming. I probably would have got out of the relationship a lot sooner. BUT I will say I'm stronger than ever because of what I went through, so I really should thank Peter for putting me through hell and being an example of someone I DON'T want to be with ;)"

10. What did you learn about yourself from this experience?

"After not getting along with the sister's...I realized I can't always get along with everyone. I LOVE to be friends with literally everyone, and normally I make friends everywhere I go...but being forced to live with people who aren't people you normally would be friends with was a real eye opener that I'm not able to get along with every single person I meet. I also stood up for myself when someone disrespected me about my past, I learned how to finally use my voice."

11. If you could be on any other MTV reality show, what would it be? Why?

"The Challenge for sure! I need to redeem myself! Haha Just kidding! But seriously I'm super competitive and athletic and I feel like I'd bring a lot to the competition. I mean I did originally think I was going to be on Road Rules when I was casted...competitions are more of my cup of tea rather than sitting around drinking and doing nothing. I do that living in Hoboken!"

12. What are you up to these days since being on the Real World?

"Right now I'm in a new apartment, at a new job, starting a brand new life. I feel like a new person with this fresh start, and I really couldn't be happier. I've been meeting new friends and I'm back to being able to spend time with friends now that I'm not being controlled. It's and amazing feeling and I can't wait to see what else life has in store for me in the near future!"


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