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12 People Speak on What Physical Attraction Means to Them

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In today’s day and age, males and females are using social media dating applications a lot more than usual. Whether you like it or not, it seems like 2018 is going to follow 2017s path in regards to dating.

Dating applications like Tinder and Bumble will continue to grow, and meeting people at a casual setting will occur less and less. People assume these apps are for hook-ups. However, relationships, networking, and new friends can be made through these applications as well.

If you are not into the online dating scene you are certainly able to meet people at places, such as the gym, movie theatre, beach, coffee spot, and more. It is not going to be easy due to the fact that the majority of people tend to be on their phones too often. Yet, if you put in the effort it is definetely possible to find your significant other.

With that said, we decided to ask 12 people to speak on what physical attraction means to them, and whether looks are a factor in regards to whether or not they are likely to commit.

“Physical attraction is based on a persons features that make them aesthetically pleasing. I believe physical attraction between a couple is extremely important and yes, a factor on whether I would commit or not. Not saying the person has to be a model. But attractive to my eye.” – Ashley, 21

“Physical attraction, to me, is based in part on looks and partially on chemistry. If the two things add up, there are sparks of attraction. I wouldn’t say that looks are a factor in whether I’m likely to commit. The most physically attractive person in the world can be devoid of the qualities I’m looking for in a relationship, and I will have no interest in commitment. By the same token, someone typically considered to have an “average” appearance would be much more appealing in terms of commitment if we had great chemistry and shared values.” – Patricia, 20

“Physical attraction means I’m interested in your physical features and characteristics. I think that it does play a big part in if I’m willing to commit. Looks are the main first impression you have on someone, but I don’t think it’s the biggest or most important factor of why.” – Honey, 20

“Physical attraction is oddly all mental. We are attracted to what we envision. Someone’s looks doesn’t determine if I would commit to them. A person can look as perfect as they want but can mistreat you terribly.” – Isaiah, 22

“Physical attraction is a big factor in the beginning. Although it’s vain, it’s what initially gets my attention. It’s like a visual resume that makes me want to invite you for an interview so that I can find out if you’re mentally fit for the position.”

– Micah, 23

“Physical attraction to me is when a person is attracted to you by your outer beauty. It can also be based on the way a person dresses, and the way the person puts themselves together. Looks aren’t a factor in regards to whether or not a person should commit. If you want to be commit to a person the looks shouldn’t be everything. You should have a special bond, trust, and love in order to be with someone.” – Elaine, 21

“Physical attraction is when you find someone good looking, such as having nice eyes, or a nice smile. It is a factor but not an important factor because I would not date someone based on their looks, but based on their personality, morals and beliefs. At the end of the day physical appearance wears off, so what’s the point.” – Rosa and Rocio, 21

“Physical attraction means desirability. The extent to which your features are aesthetically pleasing or satisfying. Or seeing the characteristics you admire/desire on someone. In the end its personality, ability to communicate effectively, a bond as friends outside of the relationship. We all know the first thing we observe about someone is their looks. It’s inevitable. Shouldn’t honestly determine your ability to communicate or bond with someone though.” – Kira, 21

“While physical attraction is something that I take into consideration when getting into a relationship, it isn’t the only thing that matters to me. I’m more interested in someone’s personality and who they are as an individual than what they look like. Not to say that looks aren’t important, because of course, for me to be attracted to someone, their appearance is a part of it; however, I would never be against the opportunity to get to know a person based solely on their appearance.”

– Dominic, 20

“Physical attraction is when I like somebody for the way they look or present themselves. I don’t feel that physical attraction is a factor that makes you more likely to commit. I feel like it contributes to the chemistry you have for that person and helps you into committing.” – Daniel, 21

“Looks do play a factor in regards to whether I commit or not, but it’s not the only thing that would make me commit. I have to have a connection with you so in order to commit. Physical attraction just means that I find your looks appealing.”

– Alex, 21

“Physical attraction plays a major role, but a girl can be gorgeous and have a disgusting personality. That will make her mush less appealing to me. Likewise, a girl could be average looking and have an incredible personality. That would make her more physically attraction in my perception.” – Jonathan, 21

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