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Get to Know: MTV's Ex on the Beach's Victoria Alario

Photo credit: Victoria Alario

Victoria Alario, 22, is the Staten Island bombshell who was chosen by MTV executives to spend her summer living in Hawaii with nine other celebrities. Alario and all of her cast mates believed they would be spending their time on a beach for a romantic vacation; little did they know, their exes would soon be arriving.

Alario accepted the offer to be on the cast of MTV's "Ex on the Beach," which reunited her and her ex-boyfriend, Luis Rivera. Victoria never expected herself to end up on a reality TV show. However, she knew she could not deny the opportunity when it came about.

Previously, Victoria worked as a Press Executive for a luxury fashion showroom in Manhattan, NY. She described herself as a personal shopper, entrepreneur, and blogger on her website, "In Fashion We Trust," where she provides fashion and lifestyle advice.

We decided to catch up with the life-long Staten Islander to learn more about her experience on MTV's "Ex on the Beach," goals, and ambitions.


1. We heard that MTV reps reached out to you through social media to be on the show, were you hesitant at all? If so, why?

"I was completely taken by surprise, but never hesitant! I was skeptical, but excited from that very first email. It didn't really make sense where this all randomly came from, but why not go for it?"

2. Why did you decide to do the show?

"I for sure went on the show to gain the exposure for my blog platform. I don't think anyone goes on a TV show and hopes to not get exposure from it, but everyone has different reasons and motives for why. Fashion blogging is everything I have ever wanted to do, so this helped me to reach the audience I wanted."

3. I noticed that there was a large amount of alcohol around on the show, and we’re wondering how much that played into the drama in the house?

"The alcohol consumption played a huge part in a lot of things. For example, you can see how drunk I was on the first night by the way I was flirting with Chase and acting. I never got like that again, because I know my limits and knew I was over my limit on that first night. The night I argued with Skyler, all I kept repeating was that I didn't want to get into it because we both had been drinking and I knew things would go south. I think her persistence came from how drunk she was, because I didn't want to be bothered, but she wouldn't stop. That's kind of why I lost my cool, because I hate when my buttons are being pushed, especially with a few drinks in me. I watched my alcohol intake for the rest of my time there."

4. What were some of your first impressions of your roommates?

"Honestly, I had a really good impression of pretty much everyone off the bat. No one came into the house looking for problems or to intentionally start drama, and I could sense that. I didn't get a bad vibe from anyone from their first impression."

5. Do you believe you were portrayed on TV how you thought you would be, or differently? If so, how do you wish you were portrayed?

"I would say my edit was portrayed 50% accurate, 50% not. Those funny moments, that bold personality, that's me. The girl that was made to look delusional - completely inaccurate. I don't wish that I were portrayed any differently than what actually went down, so it's a shame that didn't happen. For whatever reason, Chase got a better edit than he deserved. I was totally blindsided by that ending, and watching it on TV, even I understand why people were staying "why is she shocked, he wasn't into her." They made it seem that way, but that's not how it really went. We had one of the closest relationships in the house. To be honest, he was apologizing to me as soon as that ceremony ended because he knew what he did was wrong. Regardless of any of that, my camera time did still get me a ton of supporters, and I'm BEYOND grateful for that. That outweighs all of the negative thoughts in my own head about it."

6. How were you able to keep yourself emotionally stable in the house with all of the chaos?

"I'm an extremely emotionally stable person in general and hardly ever cry. Even if something upsets me, I'm kind of a "oh well, whatever" type of person and I just move on from everything really quickly. I didn't care TOO much about any of those arguments or relationships, so there wasn't much emotion to come out on my end other than, well you can go f*ck yourself, and that's about it. I know myself, and I don't need to be upset over anyone or chase after anyone, despite what they might have made some parts look."

7. What did you learn about yourself or gain from this experience?

"I learned that a lot of people are just out for themselves and don't really care how they treat you along the way as long as it's benefiting them. That's even aside from Chase, I don't want to seem like that's directly about him - this was the case with multiple people, even aside from my own situations [regarding] everything I witnessed in general. That's why I appreciate the friendship I gained with Angela so much, because we're pretty much the opposite of that. I learned that you can't always get what you want - and honestly, it's for the best! And most importantly, that you always need to stay true to yourself. My fans and followers from the beginning see the real me, and that's all that matters."

8. Who are your style icons?

"Hailey Baldwin and Bella Hadid!"

9. Where do you hope to be 5 years from now?

"Five years from now, I plan to be settled down. I'm on such a high right now, I see no signs of stopping any time soon. I can't let anyone get in my way of everything I have currently planned, so I'd say in about 5 years, I'll be ready to focus more on a serious relationship and family."

10. What are you up to these days since filming ended? Has life changed for you since being on reality TV?

"I've been living my best life! Blogging, traveling, eating a lot haha! I've been getting recognized by fans literally everywhere I go, so that certainly has changed a lot for me."

11. Do you plan on returning to reality TV if the opportunity presents itself?

"It all depends on the show. I think Angela and I deserve our own spinoff! I swear, every single time we're together, something happens that makes us say, "how is there not a camera crew around right now?!" We are both so funny and entertaining together, even our haters follow us because that's how much they can't resist! As for those other MTV shows that currently exist, I'm not too sure about making an appearance on any. It would be super cool to do a show that showcases who we are in real life, because we probably can come up with more drama outside of the show that's actually really relatable!"

12. What are your overall goals and/or ambitions in life?

"Ahhh, my overall goals in life. You got the time to read them all? Haha, I couldn't possibly come up with 1 list, because I have far too many. The sky is the limit, so I'm reaching even higher than that!"


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